Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Even the Pine Trees Know That It Is Easter

I love being outdoors right now.  Everything is so green and the air smells so fresh.  I see new growth on our live oak tree, budding flowers on our magnolia tree, and the sounds of baby birds and squirrels fills the evening air.  If I stand on my tip toes and look up into the elm tree in our back yard, I can see a mocking bird's nest that I am sure is full of baby birds.  They peep and twitter until I get too close to the tree and then their mother sends them a sharp verbal warning from across the yard and they fall silent.  Such obedient, good little listeners.  Hmm...maybe there is a learning opportunity in this for my monkeys.

Something always catches my eye at this time of year.  I see an amazing sight everytime I look at the pine trees that grow in abundance here in Central Florida.  Want to see it too?

Every year right before Easter, the pine trees grow crosses where the new growth is taking place.  I just have to smile as I see this.  It is such a special reminder to me of God's love and grace.  Even the pine trees know that it is Easter.  They celebrate the cross in their own unique and beautiful way.