Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When In Rome...Do As the Romans Do and Say Thank You!!!

This giveaway is closed. Thank you so much!!!!
This and That is celebrating its 2nd Birthday and you are invited!!!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, women and anyone else in the world over the age of 18, lend me your ears, um, eyes...

I have something fun and fabulous to share with you.  Oh boy, this is really, really, ridiculously exciting.  SQUEEEE!!!!!

On November 30, this here blogalicious blog will be exactly two years old.  I love this blog, it is like a member of my family.  Except it's really quiet, it does not complain about my cooking, and it's only slightly weird and awkward. 

What I love most about this blog though is YOU!!! Yes, you faithful family and friends that I know and friends that I would love to know, make this little project very special to me. You have blessed me with your awesomeness these past two years. 

So, I would love to say thank you and here is how...

From now until November 29 at 11:59 PM,  please leave a comment at the bottom of this post (you will have to become a follower of "This and That" to do so).  I would love to hear what your favorite post has been these past two years. Then, on November 30, 2012, our bloggy birthday, a reader will be randomly selected to win...drum roll please...

A $50 Amazon Gift Card!!!  It will be emailed to you, and you can spend it any way your little heart desires. 

The winner will be announced on the blog on November 30, 2012.

Once again, thank you for making blogging so much fun.  Now, go spend time with your family, eat a ton of turkey, and try not to make too much fun of Uncle Bob as he falls asleep sitting up in the armchair, snoring so loudly that the house shakes. 

P.S. This is not an endorsement or a paid thingy for me.  Amazon does not even know that I exist (although I have been called an amazon woman from time to time by Pete, when I have gone three months without shaving my legs, but that is really more than you cared to know).  Sorry, sometimes I just share too much. 

P.S.S. Also, please just leave one comment per follower. That means your brother Daryl and your other brother Daryl will have to comment on their own.  Oh, and Facebook comments are great, but my brain can not handle that much greatness, so they will not be able to count as an entry. 




  1. Oh, Melissa - you are just tooooooo creative and funny and great!! There is no way that I can choose one post. They are all so great! That probably takes me out of the winning sphere - but then, I'm a member of the family so I'm probably out anyway.

    The main thing is to let you know that we LOVE (that's a shout) your blog!!! Keep it up! You are amazing!!


    ;-) 8-)

  2. I have enjoyed your blog so much, Melissa-- it would be WAY too hard to pick a 'fave' post. So, I will go with your most recent post, 'An Alien Ate My Eyelashes'. So-so funny!! It was real life with a four year old and I LOVE that :) Keep bloggin'!

  3. Can't pick a fave - I just love to take a "me moment" when I read and take time to stop and reflect and giggle! Thank you Melissa for taking the heart and time to keep this blog going! :)

  4. I can't pick a fav -- I've loved each one. I think that the latest eyelash-eating alien one was fab. And, I loved the Chillin' in Chicago because I was waiting to hear how things were going on your retreat.

    Your blog is just the right amount of humor, honesty and encouragement packaged in a perfectly bite-sized amount for your readers.

  5. Congratulations to This and That Melissa! My favorite blog was your audition at the REP. Being a music giggin' and theater actin' junkie, that was sooo my cup of tea. I loved the song you chose and how encouraging and supportive your Sweetie Petie is! The magical story flew me to the moon! -Kathryn van Zwieten

  6. I am still laughing over the visual I got with the whole turkey song. Hope Pete got his hand out of the turkey's... um... well, thanks for all of the laughs! You are so creative and fun, and I love that you are my sister-in-law!
    love, debi

  7. Hey Melissa! I really liked your blog about your brothers it was so sweet and touching!

  8. You go girl!! Here is to many more years of your blogalicious blog!!!!!

  9. I just don't know how you do it. You are amazing. I just love to see the things you are doing and look at your fun pictures and hear your heart. Last December I used your fun cocoa powder in glass jar gift idea for special teachers in our lives. Or goodness, was that 2 years ago? I've lost track of time.

    Kristie W