Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Past Weekend - L.A. Story

This past weekend I flew out to visit Music Man in his home away from home - L.A.

It was crazy-fun!!!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That's Sick!

Wait! Before you jump to any conclusions about the title of this post, please read on.  It will change your life.

You see, I have been informed by a very reliable source (i.e. my 13 year old monkey boy) that when someone says, "That's sick!", it does not mean that something is bad or gross.  No, do not be fooled!  The expression, "That's sick!", simply means that something is really awesome.  It makes perfect sense, right?

It also seems that another phrase that was popular back in the olden days of my youth is making a come back.  "You be ill in' !" was a phrase we used to say when someone was acting crazy.  It had a negative connotation.  Apparently, that has all changed and "ill in'" is actually a positive word these days.  It is used to indicate when something or someone is cool.  Again, it makes sense.

I'm just trying to stay current with today's lingo.  I want to be able to give you the low down,  or is it the down low?  Hmm...I will have to get the 411 on that from my son and get back with you.

Oh, to be young and hip again...

Wait, does hip still mean cool?



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

He Doth Not Protest MeThinks

We paid a visit to the capital building of Wisconsin last month.  It's in Madison, ya know.

I can recite all fifty states alphabetically.  Actually, I can sing all fifty states alphabetically, to the tune of "Chicken in the Straw".  But, I digress.

We were visiting the capital building to learn a little bit about history, to marvel at the architecture, and oh yes, the most important reason - to see the choo-choo train under the capital Christmas tree. Because that, my friends, is how we roll with a train-obessed toddler.

When we entered the building we heard singing, it turns out that there was a peaceful protest taking place in the rotunda.  People were gathered around the Christmas tree singing protest songs.  The model train was chugging along in their midst.

We were about to leave without paying a visit to the train, when our little monkey spied it circling around the tree.  Once he saw that train there was no way that we were going to be able to convince the child to leave.  And so, in order to prevent a not-so-peaceful protest and potential toddler riot, I did what any desperate parent on the verge of toddler Armageddon would do.  I marched that little maniac monkey right through the crowd and sat him down in front of the tree to look at the train.  Right smack in the middle of a protest.

And there he sat, with the freedom of speech being exercised all around him and the joy of train in his heart.

Completely oblivious to the cares of this world.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our American Girl

Late last summer, one of Music Man's friends called and invited our middle monkey girl to be in a commercial that he was directing here in Central Florida.  When our girl found out that the commercial was for American Girl she did a backflip and then accepted the invitation.

We arrived at the venue not knowing exactly what to expect.  The filming was taking place outside on the backlot of a local film school.  It was hot, like your shoes melt into the asphalt hot.

The first scene included actors dressed for winter with long fur-lined coats, hats and bonnets, gloves, boots, and anything else to add to the misery of the actors.  The red rosy cheeks they sported gave the illusion of winter's chill, but we knew it was heat stroke.  Thankfully, there was an air-conditioned tent for the actors to retreat to between takes.

While the winter scenes were being filmed, the summer scene actors were being wardrobed and prepped for action.

The Colonial period shoes, bonnets and accessories were fun to look at.

And fun to wear!

Lots of buttoning and tying

Simple braids were the ticket.

Oops... pioneer ladies did not wear nail polish.

All wardrobed up and ready to act.

Some of the cast.

The air conditioned tent was very nice indeed.

Getting instructions from the director.

Lights, camera, action!

Monkey girl had a blast! It was fun for me to watch the whole filming process.  It is not as easy as the finished product makes it look. I think that they had to do 15 takes before they got what was needed for editing.

But, all that hard work was well worth it in our girl's eyes. Especially after she saw the finished product, which was an in-store commercial promoting the new American Girl dolls - Cecile and Mary-Grace.

Fun times,


Friday, January 13, 2012

Freaky Florida

It's hard to believe that it's January here in Florida.  I mean really, there are many places right now where people are bundled up and snow is falling.  But, here in Florida? Nope.

 Monkeys here are running around barefoot and splashing at the water park.

It's what I affectionately refer to as our freaky Florida weather.  One day it is in the 50's with a freeze warning over night, and the next day the kids are in shorts playing in the 70 + degree weather.  You would think that it was summer already.

And, apparently the maple trees here think that it is fall now in January.  They are putting on a beautiful color show for us.  Better late than never, right?

Yep, this is Florida and it's freaky, but I wouldn't trade it for any other place.  Well, except maybe Fiji, Tahiti or Bora Bora.


A Freaky Floridian

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Past Month

This past month has been a full one.  Full of family, fun, food, festivities, food, freak accidents, food, friends, fireworks, freeways, freight trains, food, flora, fauna, football, food, and the flu (which brought a screeching halt to the food consumption and the fun).

Here are some highlights in photos:

Our 15th Annual Mother and Daughter Nutcracker Night Out (our middle monkey girl danced like a dream!).

After two solid days on the freeways we saw an oasis - Culver's - a midwestern delight.  Butter burgers, cheese curds, frozen custard - need I say more?

A baby boy in a basket.

A big boy eating a big burger and the best french fries in the universe.

A bewildered beauty about to eat enough food for four people (Don't worry, I helped her.  That's what moms are for.)

This little monkey rolled out of bed and got a gash on her head.  Surgical glue and a cinnamon bun fixed her right up.

This little monkey reminded me of Tattoo from Fantasy Island as he gazed upon the model freight trains.  He kept saying, "The trains! The trains!"

Monkeys thinking about flowers and plants!

Like this amazing orchid.

Monkey contemplating the meaning of life.
Monkey telling me she has to go potty after I spent 10 minutes bundling her up.

Another monkey who needed his head examined.  8 stitches and one heck of a headache later..we were on our way.
We had a great time!  We miss you family!  We love you!