Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Centurion in My Neighborhood

Were you a Sesame Street junkie like me?

Do you remember that cute little song from Sesame Street titled, "Who are the People in Your Neighborhood"? 

Need a little memory jog?

I have been singing this song with the littlest monkey lately.  It all started a couple of weeks before Easter when we were on a mission to invite neighbors that we did not know to our annual Easter gathering.  We designed some simple invites on the computer and I and set off with junior in his stroller to make some special deliveries.  "Who are the People in Your Neighborhood" was our theme song as we strolled along. 

We met the nice people on the corner, who have decided that they love Central Florida, Love Bugs and all.  The guy down the street was kind and we discovered that we have teenage monkeys that are the same ages. The cute couple across the street have a passion for gardening-who knew?

Everyone was so nice, but there was one neighbor who completely captured my heart (we will call him, Mr. B.) I was not even going to knock on Mr. B's door.  I figured that no one was home and besides my miniature monkey was starting to meltdown.  I left an invitation tucked into the storm door handle and strolled away.  But then, I just felt like I had to go back and knock.  So I did.

Knock, knock?

Dogs barking, a slight shuffle, the door opens, and there he is - Mr. B.

I say hello and introduce myself and the monkey.  I give him the invite and he proceeds to tell me his life story.  And at his age, it was quite a story.  You see, my neighbor, Mr. B. is 100 years old!  I could not believe it.  I have never met a 100 year old before.  I would have never guessed that Mr. B. was any where near being 100 years old.  He was very sharp and pretty spry.  He told me that he never answers the door, but he decided to today.  I was blessed that he did. 

Mr. B. needs Jesus.  He is not a man of faith. I feel like we met for a reason.  I want to encourage him and show him Christ's love.  It is not everyday that you meet a centurion.  100 years is a long time to live on this Earth.  Our paths crossed for a reason.  Could this be the season of Mr. B.'s life when he will come to know his Creator?