Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Music Man!!!

Tomorrow is Music Man's birthday.

He's turning 43.

I am telling you this because everyone always thinks that he is younger than me.

He is not younger than me.

Someone once thought that I was his mother.   Actually, it happened twice.

I have a complex about this.

I am not Music Man's mother.  He has a perfectly good mother, thank you very much.

People always think that he is lying when he tells them his age. 

Then, they think that he is joking when he tells them that we have six kids. 

Then, they look at me and shoot me dirty looks. 

Well, not really, but I always feel like people think that I robbed the cradle or something.

I have a complex about this too.

Maybe, people are confused about Music Man's age because he is the ultimate goofball. 

Just take a look at the evidence:

It all started all long time ago.  We call this Music Man's "signature move".  He was 6 in this picture.  Now he is 43, and he still does this move.

 Like father, like son.
 Weirdness comes naturally to our girls. Our oldest daughter used to call Music Man a "weird funny".
 And our boys are just as weird. 

Funny Daddy!

So, tomorrow Music Man is 43.  

Not 23 or 33. 

He's 43.  

And I am not his mother.  

I am younger than him, darn it!

Happy Birthday, Music Man!  I love you honey!

Your loving wife, 



  1. Oh my!!! that is too stinking funny! M -- we need to get you some Oil of Olay to work on those wrinkles, girl!

  2. Thanks!!! Just keeping it real. Now, if I could just find my dentures...

  3. We both wish you a very happy birthday, Pete. And many more funny memories too.
    Dennis and Sandy.

  4. That was soooo funny. Great way to start off the day (with a good laugh). Happy Birthday Pete. You and Melissa are very special to us.
    Phillip and Joanna

  5. Pete, Happy Birthday!! It's OK, people think I'm younger than my real age(which I'm not telling you!!). Let's say we are twins and I also turned 43 today! Have a great day!! Your Birthday buddy, Yukari

  6. ha ha, that was great. Happy Birthday Pete, many many more. Some day you will look like you have had 43 birthdays!!!!!

  7. From Music Man's Mom:

    Oh Melissa - this is a 'hoot'!! I have this friend at Mary Kay and I could make an appointment for you. Only kidding ;-) No way do you look older than Pete - you beautiful lady!!

    Peter was always the 'spice of life' in our family with all of his goofiness. Made for lots of fun and laughter!! The pictures bring back lots of memories...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER!! The gift should have come yesterday; we'll call tonight; and - the card is in the mail (really)

    Loads of love,

    Mom and Dad ;-0 8-)

  8. You are so funny! And you are beautiful! I enjoy your blog very much!

  9. Thank you everyone! Pete was so surprised by all of the blog messages, phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and emails. WOW!!!

    Also, thank you for your kind words about the blog. It is fun to share life, one wacky day at a time. You are all so sweet.