Friday, December 11, 2015

Wish List Gone Wild

The funny thing about asking your kids for their Christmas wish list is that they will wait until the last second to give it to you and when they get the ultimate request...A REPTILE! 

Me: "Umm, NO!"

Them: (Yes,the request was plural. They totally ganged up on me.) "Pleeeeeease!"

Me: "Reptiles do not make good pets."

Monkey 1: "Bearded Dragons make great pets! (Proceeds to remind me that Bob, the Bearded Dragon class mascot, helped him with his math. 

Exhibit A:

Dang it all, Bob!!! Why do you have to be all cutesy and helpful! 

Exhibit B:  


Me: "We have a dog. We don't need another pet to care for."

Them:  "Her breath smells like death from eating cat poop out of the litter box. 

Me: "There are no words."

Exhibit C:

Just be glad this isn't a scratch and sniff picture or you would want to run away. 

Tink: "Hey kids! Where are you going?"

Kids: "Where the air is fresh and clear of your fishy, death breath!"
Me: "We have a cat."

Them: "If she's not sleeping, she's trying to get outside to have adventures."

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E: 

Me: (Thinks to self) "Sounds like a perfect plan to me." (Actually says) "That's just what cats do."

Them: "We really want a Bearded Dragon or a Lemon/Lime Gecko. They are so cute."

Me: Silently screams from within, then says, "Who is going to take care of these wild beasts?"

Them:  "We will!"

Me: "Who is going to feed them?"

Them:  "We will!"

Me: "Who is going to clean up their poop?"

Them: "Tink will!"