Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome Weekend! (and March!)

Wee baby, it's the weekend!  Do you have any fun and fascinating plans?  Are you traveling, staying in, or hosting guests?

We are looking forward to a slightly chilly, but mostly sunny and beautiful weekend here in O-Town. I have this urge to throw open the windows, to scrub the house from top to bottom, hang out laundry to dry, and to plant something, anything.  Could it be Spring Fever?  After all, it is March.  Wow!  Welcome March!

I LOVE these succulents!  I snapped these pics right outside of the famous Hotel California in Santa Monica this time last year.  This is my type of landscaping.  Low maintenance and perfect for someone like me who has a black thumb.  Seriously, I kill air plants!

Whatever you do, have a super awesome weekend!  Here is a little extracurricular reading to do from around the web.  Enjoy!

Have you ever considered planting a vertical wall garden?

It's strawberry season! Picking your own strawberries is the best!

These strawberry quesadillas look amazing (I might have to make mine leek less).

Looking for an alternative to the traditional spring break?

Could line drying your underwear help our planet?  Some college students think so.

Rabbits are adorable, but are they smart?



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