Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh My Stars!

Have you ever seen this, this thing?  Is it a fruit, a vegetable, is it even edible?  Where did IT come from?  What does IT want from me?  Inquiring minds want to know.

What exactly is this yellowish, greenish, leathery feeling, sweet-like-honeysuckle smelling thing on my counter? (That's one of my many monkeys in the background keeping a very close eye on the alien being in my kitchen).

We could stand the suspense no longer so we dissected IT.  And this is what we found. That odd pod-shaped organism on my counter was indeed a star fruit.  

And oh my, was it delicious!  Slightly sweet with a delicate citrus flavor.  Way yum!  And look at how purty it is! Also, it is packed with Vitamin C.  

So this cold and flu season tell that sore throat to, "Say hello to my little friend!" (name that movie line) and reach for some star fruit today. 

The moral of this kitchen story:  Don't judge a fruit by its, um, covering. 

Sorry, it had to be said. 

Love from the laboratory (a.k.a,. the kitchen), 


Sundae on Sunday

     After lunch today, we took a drive out in the country.  It's a family tradition of sorts.  Well, truth be known, it is not currently a family tradition, but it could be.  You see, when my sisters and I were little, our parents would take us for long drives out into the swampy Florida countryside.  We would drive and drive, occasionally stopping to look at some land that was for sale along the way.  I loved those road trips.  Sitting in the backseat of my dad's brown Chevy Malibou, with the golden oldies playing on the radio, and the wind whipping through my hair.  There was so much not to see, and I liked it that way.  We would laugh and talk or just sit quiet, and that was okay.  It was a simple time, no cell phones to answer, no texting, no traffic, no nonsense.   Just family time.
     On one Sunday afternoon after we had completed our drive, our parents treated us to ice cream sundaes.  As my sisters and I were thoroughly enjoying our treat, my youngest sister blurted out, "I love ice cream sundaes! Can we come back tomorrow and have an ice cream Monday?" Hilarious!
     So today, in honor of my sweet sister, after our drive out into the boondocks of Florida, the monkeys, Music Man, and I stopped and had some ice cream.  Sundaes on Sunday.  Will there be an ice cream Monday?  If my sister had it her way there would be.  

Happy Sundae, 



Greetings from the Sunshine State!

  My name is Melissa.  I live in the suburbs of sunny Florida.  I am passionate about life.  Please join me on my quest to learn a little bit of this and a lot of that.