Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh My Stars!

Have you ever seen this, this thing?  Is it a fruit, a vegetable, is it even edible?  Where did IT come from?  What does IT want from me?  Inquiring minds want to know.

What exactly is this yellowish, greenish, leathery feeling, sweet-like-honeysuckle smelling thing on my counter? (That's one of my many monkeys in the background keeping a very close eye on the alien being in my kitchen).

We could stand the suspense no longer so we dissected IT.  And this is what we found. That odd pod-shaped organism on my counter was indeed a star fruit.  

And oh my, was it delicious!  Slightly sweet with a delicate citrus flavor.  Way yum!  And look at how purty it is! Also, it is packed with Vitamin C.  

So this cold and flu season tell that sore throat to, "Say hello to my little friend!" (name that movie line) and reach for some star fruit today. 

The moral of this kitchen story:  Don't judge a fruit by its, um, covering. 

Sorry, it had to be said. 

Love from the laboratory (a.k.a,. the kitchen), 


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