Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sand Sculpting

Our family loves, loves, loves the beach.  We can be by the ocean during any season and feel at home.  Fall at the beach is amazing.  The days are mild, the light is golden and the star-filled night skies are miraculous.

Our favorite activity to do at the beach is absolutely nothing.  It is our veg-time, family time, and time of reflection all rolled into one sandy, salty, breezy package.  However, we have been know to build a sand castle or create a shell embellished mermaid on occasion and last fall we "grew" a pumpkin patch right on the sea shore.

Sand sculpting is a unique creative process.  Your  art "studio" is the great open outdoors, your inspirational soundtrack is the crashing waves, your medium is billions of tiny grains of shifting, ever-changing sand.

Apparently, there are some professional sculptures who make a living out of sand sculpting.  I came across photos of some sand sculptures that are just WOW!!!

These are sculptures that were made during last year's Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island, Texas. This year's festival is coming right up on October 5-7.  How awesome would it be to be there?

Other worldwide sand sculpting events can be found on this nifty website. all of you fellow Floridians, there is a sculpting contest coming up on Siesta Key in November.  Siesta Key has the most sugary, white, silky sand you will every sink your toes into.



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