Friday, April 11, 2014

Places to Pee

When we were in New York last summer, one thing that really was not fun was when one of our little monkeys had to use the bathroom and it was always like a total emergency, "I have to go right now!" situation.  We found ourselves scrambling to find bathrooms on several occasions.  More than once, we had to inconvenience an-oh-so-friendly store clerk and use a gross toilet in the back of some random CVS.  My favorite was the grocery store in Brooklyn where the customer service gal handed me a HUGE key ring with a single key attached. I guess they had lost the key one time too many. She meant business when she looked straight at me, gave me that key, and told me to return it when we were finished. All the while, her right eye twitched.

What I would have given for this app that just launched recently! AIRPNP is a clever and useful app that will be sure to save some butts (pun intended) all over the world. Take a look at some of the fancy loos out there just awaiting your arrival. You can click on the pictures to enlarge and read all the details about each bathroom for hire.

In Union Square New York City, you can pet an adorable pooch before and after you "freshen up".

And who wouldn't want to relieve themselves in this Brooklyn mansion? 

This one is my favorite so far! In Europe, you just have to wade on into the sea and let it fly. Oh my!  That has got to be some nasty water.  

There a hundreds of bathrooms for rent or free world wide.  You can download the app, peruse the map, and find that perfect spot to do your business. So, what are your thoughts on these rental pottys?  Would you rent one?  Would you rent yours out?



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