Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Yellow-Haired Younglings

Our wedding day.
Alex and Amanda were very young when Pete and I got married. We wanted to make them feel special and start making family memories right from the beginning, so we took them on a honeymoon!

Alex and Amanda greeting us when we returned from our honeymoon. 
We went to Tampa and enjoyed a long weekend at the Florida Aquarium and Busch Gardens.  

I loved the kids' enthusiasm as they danced down the streets and splashed in the water. Their matching rainbow dolphin outfits were the cutest. Remember, it was the 1990's and matching rainbow dolphin outfits were so in then. Pete and I even considered wearing ours that day ;-)

We played hard each day. Amanda usually conked out mid-day, but Alex was ready to go!

Alex and Amanda became big time Veggie Tales fans that weekend after we watched our first episode. They belly laughed all throughout "The Fib From Outer Space." Those little faces! Rosey-cheeked and out of breath from laughter. I started calling them Yellow-Haired Younglings that weekend - a term of endearment that has lasted longterm and been shared with younger siblings.

Alex was a huge orange juice fan during those early days. First thing in the morning, he asked for his  cup of O.J..  Amanda loved apple juice and sneaking bites out of sticks of butter from the refrigerator.

The Florida Aquarium became an instant family favorite.  We have returned there many times over the years.

The original Yellow-Haired Younglings

I love remembering these times with the kids.  We started many traditions in those early days that we continue to enjoy now.  I hope some of those traditions are carried on to our future grandchildren.  Way, way in the future grandchildren ;-). 



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