Monday, October 10, 2011

Up Tight

Now that Fall has arrived, I am looking forward to playing dress up.  Here in Florida, we really do not get much cool weather in October, but if I kick the air conditioning down a few degrees, well, it will be just like Fall.  Minus the gorgeous colorful leaves.  Oh, and plus hordes of mosquitos.  Yep, just like Fall.  

Photo courtesy of HUE

One fashion accessory that really makes my day is tights.  Oh, how I love them so.  There are so many fun colors, textures and styles.  They are so fun to pair with a skirt or even under shorts. Tights can really make an average outfit outstanding.

Photos courtesy of Sock Dreams

Do you have a favorite Fall accessory?  Are you into hats or maybe scarves?  Have you brought out your boots and blazers?  Do tell.

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