Saturday, October 6, 2012

TBRT Day 2 - Influenza Thought That It Needed a Vacation

You've heard of Murphy's Law right? Well, our family has Lehman's Law - whatever can go wrong (on a vacation that we have planned for months) will go wrong.

As we have traveled, over the years, we have had trips to doctors, dentists, ERs, and fire stations. We have had stitches, puncture wounds, stomach bugs, double ear infections, and allergic reactions.

It could be considered comical, but don't laugh because you will make me laugh and then I will cry and laugh and cry...because I am so.very.tired right now. Why? Why? Would I be tired on a relaxing family camping trip? Well, because not one, not two, but four of our monkeys have had the flu!!!

Yes, apparently the flu likes to travel and decided to hitch a ride on the RV with us :-( But you know what? Our kids are bouncing back and having some fun. They have needed lots of extra rest and some strong throat relief medicine (thank you, Uncle Jeff!!!), but they have been troopers.

Now, let's just hope that Pete and I stay well, otherwise the monkeys may have to drive the RV home.

If you see this vehicle driving out of control down I-75 you will know why.

Hugs (actually I will keep the germs to myself),


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