Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art in Motion - There's an App for That

As we journeyed along on the New York City subway system this summer, we were in awe of some of the most amazing artwork throughout the stations.  There is an art gallery down below that city!  We found all kinds of treasures. From tile mosaics (my favorite) and light displays in the ceilings, to little metal men "working" in niches around the stations.

I found myself curious more than once as to who the artists were and what their story was.

Then, as we were hanging out with the monkeys one day at the school play yard, one of the neighborhood kids told us about an app. that you can get that will tell you all about the art of the subway system. Kids these days are so savvy with technology!

The Arts for Transit and Urban Design organization has created this app.  It will guide you through the NYC transit system as you explore permanent art installations and traveling art.  Cool beans!

Also, Grand Central Station is celebrating it's 100th Birthday!  So, there has been a lot of hubbub around that hub. Plenty of celebratory art going on around there these days!  Check it out on MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design Facebook Page.

The cool thing is that you don't even have to go to the city to enjoy this art.  It is just a click or two away on your computer screen. Enjoy!

Funny aside...if you live in central Florida and have a pulse and a palate you have most likely heard of 4 Rivers Smokehouse.  Well, we are big time 4 Rivers fans, and apparently we aren't the only ones who were in NYC this summer.  Can this also qualify as subway art?  If you have ever tasted their food, I think that you would say, "HECK YES!"



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