Monday, September 9, 2013

Spontaneity is the Spice of Life Until Little Monkey Attempts to Skinny Dip in the Washington Square Park Fountain

Whoa Nelly!  Life has been packed to the max this past month!  We have completed a month of school, celebrated two (more) birthdays, welcomed our new "adopted" daughter from Laos, and much, much, much more!  Crazy!

I have enjoyed every minute of it all, but I must admit that I miss blogging regularly.  I really love writing and when I can't, I get a little antsy.  Writing relaxes me.  Whether I am sharing my deepest thoughts or just kidding around, I get such a sense of satisfaction when I write.  It is life giving to me.

What is life giving to you, my friends?  I would love to hear your stories.

In the meantime, I want to share some more about our trip to New York.

We decided to visit the city during July, one of the hottest months.  Being from Florida, we naively thought, "How hot could it be, really?" I mean, we are used to some hot, humid, swampy stinkin weather, but nothing prepared us for New York City hot.  Concrete jungle hot.  Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.  No wonder why everyone and their brother leaves the city in July hot.  You get the picture.

On one particularly toasty, roasty day, we took the monkeys over to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.  Washington Square Park is quite lovely.  I remember strolling through the park one breezy evening last June and pausing to catch the tail end of a romantic French movie on an outdoor screen.   It was all very enchanting until some strange Guido guy started shouting, "This sucks!" Ah, New York!  From class to crass in two seconds flat.

Since it was blazing hot, we let the monkeys join in some water fun in the huge fountain at the park.  They had a total blast!  And they were in good company.  At one point, there were more adults than kids in the fountain. Big kids at heart!

As we left the park, we ooohed and ahhhhed over some super cool chalk art.  Sidewalk chalk?  Who knew?

Never again will Little Monkey be impressed with my lame-o stick figure chalk people after seeing this masterpiece.  This takes sidewalk chalking to a whole nother level.

By the way, we had no idea that our kids were going to wade in the Washington Square Park fountain that day, so we did not bring them bathing suits.  It was just a spontaneous decision to go to the park and they had so much fun.  Spontaneity is the spice of life.  That is until your four year old decides that clothing is optional and spontaneously attempts to disrobe in front of several hundred people in a fountain. Fun times!



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