Saturday, February 8, 2014

Like a Scene from a Recurring Bad Dream...

Have you ever had a dream? Well, of course we all have dreams. What I meant to say is, have you ever had a recurring dream? Maybe a slightly weird or even downright disturbing dream? I have.

I have this dream where I am happily going about my daily routine when suddenly I have to go to the bathroom really, really bad. I look around and much to my dismay the only bathroom that I can find is a room with not just one toilet, but a room full of toilets. There are no partitions or any kind of privacy at all. Oh, and each toilet,except for one, is occupied. And I'm all like, "There is no way in heck I'm going to go to the bathroom with all these people in here!" Right about this point, I usually wake up realizing that in real life I have to go to bathroom really, really bad. It's a very disconcerting process. So Freudian!

Imagine my horror when this week I saw this picture... 

aaaand this...

What the crap! Pun intended.

You guys, these are real bathrooms at the Sochi Olympics! Truly, the stuff my nightmares are made out of! 

Did the Russian government think that perhaps communal bathrooms would inspire a special camaraderie among the athletes? You know, "The team that pees together skis together?" or some such nonsense.

Anyway, to make matters worse, I just read this morning that one of the bobsledders had to bust his way out of a bathroom that he was stuck in! Whaaaaat?!?

I guess he had enough of the whole communal bathroom thing after all! 



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