Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Makeover Magic

Ever since I was in college, I have dreamt of having a makeover. I just really wanted someone to sit down with me and explain how to apply makeup properly, advise me on colors that work with my skin tone, and do something stylish with my massive amount of hair. Seriously, most days my hair demands its own zip code.

On a recent trip to LA, I was able to have that makeover and it was a total treat! Let's just call it a Christmas, Mother's 
Day, Birthday present rolled into one. 

Before I actually met with Hope Zarro of, we spoke on the phone about what I was hoping to achieve during our upcoming session. I told her that I wanted to learn hair and makeup techniques that I could use everyday. I wanted to know what her "go to" products were. She asked me to do a little homework and find some pictures of makeup and hairstyles that caught my eye. So I went straight into research mode and headed over to Pinterest. 

I had been growing my hair out for over a year, so I definitely wanted to keep the length. Also, my hair has gone from super straight to wildly wavy over the past five years. Can everybody say, "Hormones?!". So, I searched for medium length hair with some waviness. 

Here is what I sent to Hope:

Do you recognize this gal? She played Jessie's wife on Full House. 

I also saved these pictures:

The cut, color and very natural makeup were just what I had in mind.

When I arrived at Scissors Salon in Santa Monica, I was excited and ready to learn. Santa Monica was such a beautiful seaside town and the salon was a little retro gem. Hope was warm and welcoming, very professional yet wonderfully personable. Her credentials are pristine! She trained at Julliard, did hair and makeup on Broadway, and has worked in the movie, televsion industry for many years. She is the real deal! 

We started with my hair. Hope did not need to do much with my cut (thanks to the awesome Julie who cuts my hair here in Orlando). She just tapered the sides a bit and took a little weight off. Then, she added in some highlights and lowlights to zest things up a bit.

As she styled my hair, Hope explained how the correct blow drying brush is key. She showed me how to properly use the brush and dryer to get a super smooth, tamed mane. 

Next, we moved on to makeup. I was so surprised to find that some of Hope's favorite products are also budget friendly!

These two tubes of makeup magic have revolutionized my makeup routine!

Hope explained that the biggest mistake that most ladies make is hiding their skin with too much foundation. It is important to let the natural you shine through. Less is more. 

As she worked, Hope would give me the makeup brushes and coach me on how to apply each item. She advised me to avoid a lot of pink tones since the undertone of my skin is pink. She used a warm bronze color to frame my face (contour) and Makeup Forever's HD Powder to highlight. Hope wrote down every product that she used and gave me this handy, dandy diagram to take home. 

Oh, and she also bought me a frozen custard :-) 

I had a wonderful makeover! Hope is a true artist. She is so knowledgeable and she taught me a ton of valuable information that I utilize everyday when I get ready. She even sent me some lip and eye pencils as a gift :-)! Thank you, Hope!

Here is Hope's handiwork:

Before and After

If you live in LA or will be visiting, I highly recommend Hope Zarro for all your hair and makeup needs. 

You can visit Hope's website at:

Or her Instagram at: HopeZarroBeauty

Or book an appointment at:



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