Monday, July 7, 2014

Around O-Town - The Pop Parlour

Summertime is Popsicle time! 

I remember our mom used to make us homemade Popsicles during the summer time with her Tupperware popsicle maker.   Then my sister and I would slather on baby oil, squeeze lemon juice into our hair, and bake ourselves in the sun until we looked like extras from a bad episode of Dynasty. 

Living in downtown Orlando, we have a plethora of options for good eats and sweet treats. There's even a gourmet Popsicle shop called The Pop Parlour. 

The Pop Parlour's menu is quite extensive. They offer creamy Popsicles, fruity Popsicles, and even boozy Popsicles. I tried the spicy Mexican hot chocolate popsicle and it was off the chain with goodness! 

So, if you live in Central Florida or happen to be visiting our City Beautiful, I highly recommend a trip to The Pop Parlour for one of their icy treats. 

However, I do not recommend that you slather up with baby oil, put lemon juice in your hair, and bake yourself out in the sun or that you watch Dynasty.



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