Saturday, July 12, 2014



It's summertime and I'm melting! It's like Orlando is one giant, stinky sweat lodge. Who needs hot yoga when you've got a mini van full of monkeys to wrangle in the 100 degree heat? The humidity is so high that you could swim in it!

My summertime survival motto is K.I.S.S. . "Keep It Slightly (less) Stinky" or sticky, or sweaty, or smelly...

I swear by three tried and true beauty tricks each summer: sunscreen, scent, and something glossy for the lips. Forget the mascara because by 10 AM it has already slid down to my upper lip creating a mustache. Nevermind the blush, the sun creates the perfect glow of heatstroke on my cheeks. Anything more and I end up looking like Lady Elaine Fairchild from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

What about you my friends?  What are your summertime beauty tricks and tips? 

I guess if I wanted to keep it really simple, I could just skip the sunscreen, perfume, and gloss and just move to Antartica.



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