Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Read This Stinkin' Article and Now My Eyelashes are Flat

I'm a researcher. I research. I research things like, "How to keep your house looking good if you clean it once a month or never?" or "If I eat ice cream for every meal, will I still be meeting the basic nutrition guidelines set forth by the FDA?" 

Recently, I researched "How to apply your make up so that you look younger." That's when all heck broke loose! Did you know that as you age, your eyelashes lose their natural wave? That's right folks. Your eyelashes basically go flat! How's that for a bit of fun trivia on Labor Day? #gravity! #firstworlddrama

So, being the feisty and passionate person that I am about anything that might present itself as a challenge to me (or you could say that I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive), I have decided that I will not, I repeat, I will NOT allow my eyelashes to get lazy. I am on a quest. On a quest to find the ultimate gravity defying mascara. Please join me and give props to your favorite mascara here or on my Facebook page. Because really, flat eyelashes = no fun. 

And if you're one of those Super Duper fortunate people that has curly eyelashes that look good without mascara, well, thank your mama, your daddy, and God because you are blessed. But do yourself a favor, don't read articles about "how to apply make up so that you look younger" because you might find out that as you age you also accumulate other types of facial hair. Oh yeah, those luscious curly eyelashes look great and all, but did you happen to see that straight wiry chin hair? 



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  1. I too am passionate about mascara because I barely have any eyelashes and need all the help I can get. I was a firm user of a mascara called 2,000 Calorie mascara for many years because it felt so good to have 2,000 calories every day and not gain weight. But then ... horrors ... they quit making it.
    The search was on for a new mascara and I went through many that didn't lengthen, or they smeared, and one even made me allergic! Then I found a terrific one ... Cover Girl's Professional "Remarkable" waterproof mascara. Years of eyelash bliss followed until last month. That's when I found out they weren't going to make it any longer! What is with these beauty industry people? Do they just wake up one morning and try to destroy our souls???
    I started searching stores to try to stock up on the mascara. I finally found three at a drugstore for around $7. Then on Friday I hit the mother lode of dwindling Remarkable Mascara supplies! " Big Lots" had it for only $2. I bought all15 packages that they had in stock. And I would do it again. I tell you! I would do it again! Because sometimes a girl just has to fight for what she loves!