Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our American Girl

Late last summer, one of Music Man's friends called and invited our middle monkey girl to be in a commercial that he was directing here in Central Florida.  When our girl found out that the commercial was for American Girl she did a backflip and then accepted the invitation.

We arrived at the venue not knowing exactly what to expect.  The filming was taking place outside on the backlot of a local film school.  It was hot, like your shoes melt into the asphalt hot.

The first scene included actors dressed for winter with long fur-lined coats, hats and bonnets, gloves, boots, and anything else to add to the misery of the actors.  The red rosy cheeks they sported gave the illusion of winter's chill, but we knew it was heat stroke.  Thankfully, there was an air-conditioned tent for the actors to retreat to between takes.

While the winter scenes were being filmed, the summer scene actors were being wardrobed and prepped for action.

The Colonial period shoes, bonnets and accessories were fun to look at.

And fun to wear!

Lots of buttoning and tying

Simple braids were the ticket.

Oops... pioneer ladies did not wear nail polish.

All wardrobed up and ready to act.

Some of the cast.

The air conditioned tent was very nice indeed.

Getting instructions from the director.

Lights, camera, action!

Monkey girl had a blast! It was fun for me to watch the whole filming process.  It is not as easy as the finished product makes it look. I think that they had to do 15 takes before they got what was needed for editing.

But, all that hard work was well worth it in our girl's eyes. Especially after she saw the finished product, which was an in-store commercial promoting the new American Girl dolls - Cecile and Mary-Grace.

Fun times,



  1. So much fun to see this! I posted an Album of it on my Facebook. So proud of her - and all the grandchildren!! Love, Mom and Dad