Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Past Month

This past month has been a full one.  Full of family, fun, food, festivities, food, freak accidents, food, friends, fireworks, freeways, freight trains, food, flora, fauna, football, food, and the flu (which brought a screeching halt to the food consumption and the fun).

Here are some highlights in photos:

Our 15th Annual Mother and Daughter Nutcracker Night Out (our middle monkey girl danced like a dream!).

After two solid days on the freeways we saw an oasis - Culver's - a midwestern delight.  Butter burgers, cheese curds, frozen custard - need I say more?

A baby boy in a basket.

A big boy eating a big burger and the best french fries in the universe.

A bewildered beauty about to eat enough food for four people (Don't worry, I helped her.  That's what moms are for.)

This little monkey rolled out of bed and got a gash on her head.  Surgical glue and a cinnamon bun fixed her right up.

This little monkey reminded me of Tattoo from Fantasy Island as he gazed upon the model freight trains.  He kept saying, "The trains! The trains!"

Monkeys thinking about flowers and plants!

Like this amazing orchid.

Monkey contemplating the meaning of life.
Monkey telling me she has to go potty after I spent 10 minutes bundling her up.

Another monkey who needed his head examined.  8 stitches and one heck of a headache later..we were on our way.
We had a great time!  We miss you family!  We love you!