Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunshine and Lollypops

Our oldest monkey girl has a love for photography.  She is pretty amazing behind the lens if you ask me.  Of course, I am extremely biased because she is my sunshine.  Actually, she is one of my six sunshines (seven if you count Music Man, who is actually more like my solar flare).

So, for Christmas we found a great portrait lens for our dear girl, and she has been practicing with it.  If you ask me, she has some great subject matter to photograph right here in this family.  There are all kinds of sunshines and lollypops to work with right under this roof.

Here is a photo that she took yesterday of our youngest monkey girl:

This picture makes my heart leap!  It really captures the essence of our little one. I have titled it, "Little Miss Sunshine".  

Thank you big sister!  You are indeed our sunshine!


Melissa (Mom)

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