Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monkey's First Airplane Ride!

I love getting to watch our kids' reactions to first time experiences. The wonder, excitement, and curiosity just shines on their faces.

As I type this, I am watching our youngest one delight in his first airplane ride. He is looking out the window and asking if we can go higher :-).

I still remember my first airplane ride. I was 5 years old and we were going to visit my great grandparents in Arizona. My mom dressed my sister and I in really cute dresses and fixed our hair just so. Flying back then was a really big deal. All the flight attendants seemed so glamorous. The pilots were like super heroes to me.

I love those childhood memories and I love making new memories with our children.



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  1. Such a sweet smile :) Hope you guys have a great time in Wisconsin with the fam!