Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If Genes Could Arm Wrestle...

Scandinavian versus Mediterranean 

If genes could arm wrestle we would have a stale mate on our hands.  Pete's genetic material comes from his Scandinavian ancestors.  The blonde hair, blue-green eyes and oh-so-fair skin is the calling card of his family.  My family hails from the Mediterranean region.  We Italians are olive-toned, have an overabundance of brown hair, brown eyes, brown hair, and brown hair.

When Pete and I got married and our genetic pools mixed (slightly awkward wording). We were amazed at how some of our children were all the way Scandinavian and the others were completely Mediterranean.  We did not have any brown hairy babes with blue eyes or brown-eyed, blonde fuzz ball babies. It was as if the genes decided that they just could not compete. 

So we have our blondies...

And our brownies...

And well...um...

Oh, never mind. 

And it's all because, two people fell in love...and mixed genes.

Now, as far as personalities go, the "weirdo" gene was dominate and they all inherited it from their dad, not me.  No, really.  



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