Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surprise on the High Seas!!!

Last week, was my sweet mom's birthday.  I can't tell you how young she is because she will ground me for the rest of my life if I do.  Let's just say that you would never guess her age if you tried.  She is one young, beautiful, smart, hot momma!

My sisters, aunts and I wanted to do something really special for Mom, so we decided to take her on a little surprise trip.  We went on a cruise and had an amazing time!

We had so much fun celebrating Mom.  In fact, we were able to surprise her a few times.  Here is how it all went down:

Our Aunt Debbie flew in from North Carolina the day before we set sail.  Aunt Debbie and I arrived at the ship early and decorated Mom's room.  In the meantime, my Aunt Gail and my sister Wendy took my mom for a birthday pedicure.  Mom had already packed her bag for a "mystery trip", but she had no idea what the plan was.  My sister Jessica and her friend Kenya joined up with the rest of the crew post pedicure.

When my mom and the girls arrived at the ship, my aunt and I were waiting in the room.  By now, she knew that she was going on a cruise, but she had no idea that we were going too.  The look on her face when she saw us was priceless.

The fun had only just begun.  As we set sail, we were in awe of the sunset over the Atlantic. 

The next 72 hours was full of laughter, eating, laughter, dancing, eating, playing, shopping, eating and laughter.  My sides still hurt from laughing so much. 

We made some very special memories on that ship.  I can't wait to get together again.  How about next week :-) ?



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