Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bistro La Promenade

Food so good it will make you cry.  Yes, that is exactly how I would sum up the culinary fare at Bistro La Promenade.  Want to learn more?  Please read on...

Last weekend, Pete and I had a little date in New York City.  We had been given a recommendation to try Bistro La Promenade.

The chef, Alain Allegretti and his staff are nothing shy of miracle workers in the kitchen.  Here is what we enjoyed:

Delicate mushroom-stuffed ravioli that would make a mushroom lover out of any naysayer.

Scallops so succulent that they should be illegal.  Not to mention the basil mashed potatoes and heirloom tomatoes that were accomplices to those scandalous scallops.

The Saturday Chef's Special Short Ribs were the show stoppers of the evening.  Pete ordered this and I kept trying to distract him so that I could "borrow" a few bites.  That beef was like butter!

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There are no words to describe the Zucchini Pound Cake with Olive Oil Gelato and Pine Nut Brittle.  Words are useless.

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But even with all of that amazing food to warm us on such a chilly (and super windy) New York night, we were most impressed with the lovely people (thank you, Bruno and Sarolta) who work so hard to make Bistro La Promenade a warm and inviting place to dine.  From the moment we walked in the door, we felt welcome.  Hospitality is in high order at this bistro.



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