Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Monkey Has a Banana Split

One day (last Friday to be exact), a little monkey boy that I know was running through the jungles and train yards (a.k.a. the playroom) when he suddenly slipped on an imaginary banana peel, tumbled, and rumbled face first with his sister's doll house.  I am sorry to say that the doll house won and Little Monkey ended up in the ER with a banana slip, split lip.  Boo!!!

***Warning, the following pictures are kind of gross and really sad.  But, the story has a happy ending, I promise.

Little Monkey's lip split was considered complex, meaning that it went above the wet lip into the white skin above, and to minimize scarring he needed a plastic surgeon to fix it.

Little monkey lip before cleaning.

Sad little monkey with a bandaid mustache.

The nurses at the ER fixed him right up and made him an appointment for lip surgery the next day. Oh, they also gave him a really super cool monster truck for being such a brave little monkey.

The next day, Little Monkey had to be at the hospital early in the morning. He was very sleepy, but curious about all the gizmos and gadgets in the surgery room.

We were prepared for much crying and such, but he never made a sound or a squeak or a even so much as a peep.  Even when the doctor injected the numbing medicine into his cut lip.  WHAT?!?

The doctor said that he was a model monkey patient.

He is now the proud owner of 5 lip sutures (such a monkey boy!).

He has also decided to take a break from monkeying around for the next few days (or hours) and has taken up animal husbandry.

As evidenced in the last picture, I am happy to report that The Little Monkey's lips are still working well.  Yep, he is still able to eat, drink, smile, and kiss random woodland animals. 



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