Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jimmy Fallon and Thank You Letters

Last night, Pete and I went to see The Clean Cut Comedy Tour with the amazing Jimmy Fallon and four other very talented comedians - Julian Mccullough, Nate Bargatze, Nick Thune, and Seth Herzog.

The show was stellar!  Jimmy Fallon is just a really fun, down-to-earth guy.  He put together a super funny set that kept us laughing until our abs hurt. Seriously, my abs have been Fallonized. Best workout ever!  Funny stuff indeed!

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What wasn't funny though was the audience.  I am still wondering if Pete and I were punk'd or something.  Entering the beautiful Tampa Theater was like entering into the Twilight Zone of audiences. Rudeness abounded, my friends!

So, in honor of Jimmy Fallon and his "Thank You Letters" act, I have written some letters of thanks to some of the awesome audience members of the Tampa Theater last night.  They made the night extra "special".

Dear Ms. Red Red Wine,

Thank you kindly for spilling your glass of merlot on my seat and not bothering to say anything before I sat down.  Although, I am sure you had the best intentions, I am sorry to report that your red, red wine did not make my behind feel so fine.  Oh, and my new wine-washed denim jeans say thank you too.

Dear Lady Laughs A Lot,

Thank you so much all of the laughter.  By laughing before, during and after the punch line you proved yourself to be quite efficient and resourceful.  You never missed a joke, even if I did!  Thanks!

Dear Suzy Boozey,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your copious cat calls and other choice vocal contributions to the show last night.  You must have just known that the professionally trained comedians needed your input.  I am sure it warmed their hearts to hear your words of encouragement.  Phrases like, "Not funny!""  intermingled with "I love you!" gave the show a unique bi-polar edge.

Dear Brewsky Bunch,

Thank you for getting up and down throughout the entire show to go fetch another beer from the bar.  Wow!  You sure made the comedians on stage feel so appreciated.  Because really, there is nothing like watching a mass exodus of people as you perform for them.  That would be only slightly distracting and just a little awkward.

and finally

Dear Tina Tiny Bladder,

Thank you for drinking so much beer that you had to frequent the bathroom seventy times during the show.  I loved having to get up at of my seat every five minutes to let you by.  Heck, one time you were even courteous enough to crawl over me. What a gal!



P.S. Seriously, thank you to the super hero comedians and the staff at the Tampa Theatre for rolling with all of the shenanigans and craziness!  It was truly a fun night!

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