Friday, October 18, 2013

Burning Questions

Tennis.  Is it a passive aggressive sport?  Mostly passive? Somewhat aggressive? Or vice versa?

Pontoon boats.  Are they really boats or just wanna be boats?  Like the awkward cousins of real boats?

Daylight savings time.  Really?  Then why does it get darker earlier? Somebody needs to go back to school.

Cotton candy.  Is it the sugary coated version of the Fabric of Our Lives?  (The touch the feel of cotton...)

Flavored water.  Too much water?  Not enough flavor?  Which is it?

M and M's.  Melt in your mouth? Not in your hands?  I beg to differ.

Dressing rooms. Because unflattering lighting and mirrors make people buy more clothing?

Mittens.  Are you just giving your fingers a day off?

Legos.  Constructive playthings?  or Destructive foot killers?

Simon Says.  Who is Simon?  What is his backstory?

Couch potato.  Is it a tuber or a root?

Shakes.  Why are they called shakes when they are blended?  Shouldn't they be called blenders?  I smell a conspiracy.

Hair cut.  Technically aren't you getting your hairs cut?

Tooth paste.  Do you just brush one tooth?

Nair.  Is it short for "no hair", "noxious air"?

and finally

Soft drinks.  As opposed to hard drinks?  Fluffy drinks? Smooth drinks?



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