Friday, January 24, 2014

Where to Eat (L.A. Edition)

If you find yourself in the Greater Los Angeles area on business or pleasure, you'll need to eat eventually. No really, even Malibu Barbie and Ken have to stop and grab some food from time to time. Sometimes, they even take Skipper out for a burger. Poor Skipper, ever-the-adolescent. It's just not fair that Barbie got all that gorgeous blond hair and those long legs and those big...oh never mind.

What were we talking about? Oh yes, food.

Pete and I got some fantastic recommendations from friends and business associates. May I highly recommend:

For breakfast, lunch or brunch:

Another Broken Egg - Burbank (

Great food, gorgeous mugs 

This was awesome! Homemade granola, blueberry quinoa, coconut milk, honey, fruit.

Located directly across from City Hall on Olive Avenue in downtown Burbank. 

And for all of our Tallahassee friends (Go 'Noles!), you lucky ducks have Another Broken Egg located by you! It's a cute little place overlooking a gorgeous pond.

For lunch or casual patio style dinner-

So fresh! So, so fresh! The Salsa Verde is drinkable :-). Like straight up drinkable. I may or may not be banned from the salsa bar at Poquito Mas in Studio City. 

The lady in the picture below is smiling because:

A. She is happy
B. I am leaving
C. There is still Salsa Verde left.
D. All of the above

For dinner-

Oh, where do I begin? I know...

Osteria Mozza -(
This place is a pasta lover's paradise! I'm at a loss for words except Yum, Al dente, stuffed, yum, freaking yum!

The pasta tasting option was a perfect way to experience the chef's wares. And there was this fresh mozzarella imported from heaven with this rustic garlic infused magical bread... Oh my gall bladder!

Next, is Rock N' Fish in Manhattan Beach, CA ( 

The food was super good. Kale Ceasar salad with polenta croutons! Awesome!

This place is so fun and rustically elegant. Right up the hill from the beach. All brick, dark wood, wrought iron. Perfect beach dining. There's another Rock N' Fish in Laguana Beach and L.A..

Ready for some Elvis, black sequined sombreros, piƱata chandeliers, and oodles of velvet? Then, La Velvet Margarita Cantina ( is your place!

I mean really, who wouldn't be smitten with an establishment that serves your eyes, ears and heart with healthy portions of Elvis on the big screen? Elvis in Acapulco, cliff diving, tan, in a bathing suit, tan, Elvis...

Did I mention that the food is off the chain good? They know how to do mole sauce (even if I can't get my computer keyboard to add the proper accent mark). Ole! (Again, with the lack of accent.)

Here is my hunka, hunka burning love! 

Finally, the grand finale...Cleo ( Ah, Cleo! This little gem is located in The Redbury Hotel. 

It was recommended to me by Laura Tremaine, from The Hollywood Housewife blog (, Thank you, Laura! You picked a winner!

Ah, where to begin? The wood oven roasted brussel sprouts (that I am still dreaming of and I hate brussel sprouts) the baba ganoush, the beet salad with those lovely candied nuts, all amazing! For dessert, and Pete's birthday "cake", there was toffee pudding. The earth stood still whilst we ate it! Love you, Cleo! 
And for our Miami friends, you are in luck! Cleo is in your area!

So, there you have it! A tiny guide to some awesome L.A. eats! Enjoy!

Oh, please share your dining adventures with me. I would love to hear about your favorite food finds! 

Hugs and extra hips to ya! 



  1. Melissa,
    Another Broken Egg opens February 10th in Winter Park Village. Grand opening coupons are in the paper.

  2. I am so excited! Their menu is extraordinary, really extraordinary!