Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Watch Your Back Christmas!

Christmas has been lurking in the stores since August.  No really.  Did you not notice the aisle or end cap or two devoted to Christmas when you were purchasing your back-to-school supplies?

Of course, Back-to-School was the "star of the stores" way back in late June (Wait! Didn't school just end like yesterday, I thought to myself).  And then there was Halloween in July.  But, Christmas was already stepping on Halloween's heels by August.

I saw the first fully decked out Christmas house before Halloween! What? I found it a little odd to see one house with a make believe cemetery and skeletons in the front yard, while the next-door neighbor had a manger scene and inflatable Santa adoring their lawn.

And while shopping the other day, I could not help but conclude that Christmas better watch its back.  I saw New Year's lurking down an entire aisle and I am pretty sure Valentine's Day was taking over an end cap.

These Christmas decorations were up by November 1



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