Monday, November 28, 2011

Knee Baby

Being from the south, my father's side of the family has a tendency to utilize words and phrases that often seem, ahem...strange.  Phrases like, "over yonder", "sit a spell", "shin dig", and "ya'll" flow freely from their lips.  If we are together for awhile, I find myself speaking the country vernacular as well.  And truth be known, I love it!

On a recent visit to my aunt's house, she introduced our youngest monkey girl as the "knee baby".  Now that is one phrase that I have not heard, so I had to ask for a translation.

According to southern tradition, the knee baby is the baby that was the baby before the baby came along.  Confused yet?  So was I, until I had another glass of sweet tea and some chew bread, then I went out on the porch and set for a spell.

Here is my "knee baby" with my "baby baby":

Ya'll come back now, ya hear,



  1. LOVE this-- my people ( Kelly Side) sound like this too :)

  2. You are just way too creative, Melissa - this is just great! "Knee baby" is now a part of my vocabulary. Luv...

  3. "Knee baby" is the baby that was crawling around his knees (or in your case he knees) when the knew baby couldn't even hold his head up. It only works if your children are close together. Love your blog! It makes me smile.