Friday, December 16, 2011

You've Got Mail!

In this computer driven society, emails, Facebook, Skype, and IM have almost replaced regular old United States mail.  I love this time of the year when I open up the mailbox and see Christmas cards instead of just junk mail and bills.  The monkeys like it too.

The other day, while drinking some hot cocoa with the air conditioner cranked down in our house (because that, my friends, is about the only way to get winter in Florida) I had a thought.  What if we could have fun mail all year long?

So, I went to the store and found:

A tiny little mailbox.

Some gorgeous flower stickers.

Then I fussed over the mailbox and decorated it all up.

And finally, it was all pretty and ready to provide many smiles and hours of joy. 

This will be our family mailbox, where we can leave each other little love notes and such.  Wouldn't these make great gifts for Christmas or even Valentine's Day?



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