Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Renew the "I Do"

If you are married, would you ever consider renewing your vows? If so, when and where? Who would you invite?

Some friends of ours renewed their vows last year around this time. They invited family and special friends. It was a very sweet ceremony in which their four children and parents participated. There was even a surprise marriage proposal when the guitarist asked his girlfriend to marry him during part of the ceremony!

Pete and I definitely want to renew our marriage vows someday. We are not sure when or where, but it is a dream of ours.

There are lots of possibilities as far as venues for a ceremony.

Like the lovely garden amphitheater pictured below.




  1. Italy...go to Italy....the land of Romantics....Hey Your Mom is Italian....haha....love , Mom!

  2. Italy would be a dream location! Let's go! Love you Mom!