Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's in a Name?

Do you have any birthday traditions?  You know, things that make an already special day extra special?  Around here the birthday monkeys get to choose a special breakfast and dinner, plus the type of cake they would like.  We spoil them, but hey, it is their birthday after all.

There is one tradition that I love the most though.  It is simple, but very meaningful.  Pete and I like to take the birthday child's name and make an acrostic out of it. Then we write it down and put it at their place at the table on their birthday. 

We try to choose adjectives and phrases that describe each monkey.  Words like artistic, determined, energetic, and musical.  Phrases like "yellow haired youngling" and "never ashamed of the gospel".  We have a lot of fun with this.  Although with six monkeys, we do develop writer's block sometimes. 

So please tell me, what are your birthday traditions?



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