Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Lump or Two?

Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks away! Last year to celebrate our special day, we went to a quaint tea room in Lake Mary, Florida called The Dickens Tea and Coffee Room.

We were spoiled by the staff there.  

They served us an assortment of the most delectably delicate finger sandwiches and the tastiest pastries I have ever tried.  Also, scones with jam and cream.  Amazing!

Plus, the tea was steeped to perfection.  And, oh yes, real sugar cubes!  

I kept asking my mom in my best British accent, "Would you like a spot of tea? One lump of two?"  I think that she wanted to give me a bump on me head before the afternoon was over.  Sometimes I take things too far.  

It was a lovely afternoon. 

This year,  I am so excited because my sisters  and I are planning another Mother’s Day Tea. The guests of honor will include our mom, Pete’s mom, our Grandma Janet, our Aunt Gail, and all of us girls. The tea will be hosted at my sister’s house. We are going to transform her living room into a vintage tea parlor. Such fun!

I can't wait to fill up the sugar bowls with sugar cubes.  I am going to sit next to my mom again this year and ask her, "One lump or two?", all afternoon!  Love you, Mom!  You are such a loverly Mum!



P.S.  If anyone has any tea sandwich recipes or pastries recipes you would like to share, we are all ears.    Please just leave a comment below or on FB.  Smooches to you!

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