Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Writing on the Wall

Yesterday, as I was powdering my nose, I noticed something on the wall of our guest bathroom. It was a precious drawing done in the loveliest shade of brown colored pencil. I took a picture of the little masterpiece and texted it to Pete who was at the park with Little Monkey. I asked him to ask our youngest monkey child if he was the artist.

Little Monkey said that he indeed was the artist and that the picture was actually a sign with a message to all the patrons of the guest bathroom. When Pete inquired what the sign said, Little Monkey told him that it said, "Only two people are allowed to use the potty at the same time." Hmmm...

Either our little guy is totally into efficiency or he is lamenting the lost days of potty training when we spent quite a few hours a day together in the bathroom. Either way, rest assured that if you come to our house we will NOT require you to utilize the loo in two's

Ah, the mind of a preschooler!




  1. hehe,,love it!:)

    thanks for this adorable post:)

  2. Thank you, Betty! That Little Monkey is always making us smile. I LOVE your blog The photos and words are awe inspiring. Bravo!