Monday, August 26, 2013

All Things Puffy

With Labor Day just around the corner, I wanted to share a couple of ideas with you for your par-tays.  I titled this post "All Things Puffy" because, well, it's about puffy things like marshmallows and balloons.

Let's talk about marshmallows first.  Raise your hand if you like s'mores.

Yep, my hands were raised.  Both of them.

S'mores are amazing!  Gooey, puffy marshmallow goodness all mashed and melted together with warm chocolate, then smooshed between crunchy graham crackers.  Oh yeah!

At our middle monkey girl's teeny bopper birthday celebration,  we designed a simple "make your own s'mores" bar in lieu of a cake.

Here's what we did, and what you can do if you agree to accept this Marshmallow Mission.

Take a medium terra cotta planter base and insert two Sterno canisters.  Surround canisters with small river rocks or sand.  Add metal skewers and you have a mini campfire for your marshmallows.

We made sure that the girls had plenty of choices at the bar.  Vanilla, plain and mint-chocolate marshmallows, a variety of chocolate squares, sprinkles, fruit, etc.

You can customize those s'mores till the cows come home.  That's campfire talk.

The s'mores were a hit, but the floating alien orbs were the stars of the evening.  Check these bad boys out. 

We took 12 inch latex balloons and placed a activated glow stick inside each one.  Then, we blew up all 24 of them. My lips hurt real bad! (Name that movie.) Finally, we put them into the pool.

They looked like floating space aliens.  They made great bouncy balls for bopping back and forth.

You could totally rock these ideas at your Labor Day party or picnic.  Let me know how it goes!  Also, please feel free to share any other ideas.  I am all ears.



P.S. Warning!  Go easy on the the marshmallow consumption my friends, or they won't be the only things that are puffy in your life.  Trust me ;-).

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