Sunday, August 18, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

Whoa! August, you have come at us like a freight train! How is it that you are already half over? I guess time really does fly.  Especially when you:

1.  Get your college student settled back at school.

2.  Get your elementary student, middle school student and high school student settled back in school and start teaching.

3.  Celebrate one of your dear friend's son's weddings.

4.  Build a rocket ship.

5.  Celebrate your middle monkey girl's 13th birthday.

6.  Oh, and make homemade play dough.

This week, as time allows, I plan on posting about all these happenings and much more from our trip to NYC.  So stay tuned...because we are moving...






P.S.  The series of pictures above was taken in Central Park, in the most lovely clearing surrounded by giant trees.  Our monkey girls had a blast running downhill letting my scarves blow behind them in the breeze.  It was a rather chilly July afternoon in the city.

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