Thursday, August 22, 2013

Something Beautiful - The First Look

Pete and I went to a very special wedding recently.  Our dear friends' son, who we have know since he was 10 year old, married his college sweetheart.  It was such a breathtaking ceremony, overlooking a shimmering lake at sunset.  Everything was golden and airy.  Quite romantic!

But what really took my breath away (and all the other guests' as well) was the groom's reaction when he saw his lovely bride coming down the aisle.  It was the sweetest, most moving response I have ever witnessed at a wedding. Truly touching...

 There were very few dry eyes in the room after that amazingly pure display of love.

After the tears, came a smile that seemed to compete with the sunlight streaming into the room.

See what I mean?

That was definitely something beautiful!

This made me think about our wedding, and I still remember the smile that Pete had on his face when the church doors opened and he saw me in my wedding dress. It makes me all gushy inside.

How about you friends?  Any "first look" stories to share?  This hopeless romantic would love to hear them.



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