Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Harlem Shambles

One of the infinite number of reasons why we fell in love with Harlem (the area of NYC where we stayed for a month) was the presence of community. From the friendly and knowledgable local health food store owner to the animal care clinic with its sweet resident kitties, the sense of community was tangible.

One of our favorite neighborhood stops was the local butcher, Harlem Shambles. Hands down, this chop shop had the freshest meat in town. It was fun and convenient to pop in and order a couple of pounds of freshly ground beef for dinner. From butcher to table in under an hour is pretty nifty. Also, the staff is helpful and they wear old timey uniforms with hats to boot.  Oh, and their homemade Italian sausage is out of this world.

Little Monkey loved the butcher shop, even if he thought it smelled a little gamey.



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