Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eating the Alphabet - Letter "B"

Today we are eating Letter "B".  And it is um, um good!

Just look at these amazingly vibrant bell peppers:

I spy a beautiful monkey-girl, do you?

Bell peppers are a staple in our home.  Any color will do, but I am partial to the orange ones.

They take the place of bread and corn chips for me.  No really, they do. 

I am trying to avoid too many grains (like wheat) and too much sugar (corn tends to be higher in natural sugar).  So, I take strips of bell peppers and dip them into my homemade salsa.  They have all the crunch of a chip, but less sugar and no oil. 

My "go to" lunch during the week is half of a bell pepper loaded up with hummus.  I call it a pepper sandwich.  It's fast, satisfying, and actually quite refreshing.

Music Man likes bell pepper sandwiches too.  And our youngest monkey asks for "peppews and tummus" quite often.



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