Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Are Not the Brady Bunch

We have six kids like the Brady Bunch, we have three boys and three girls like the Brady Bunch, we have a two story house like the Brady Bunch, we have a dog that I would like to ship to Siberia like the Brady Bunch, but unlike the Brady Bunch, we do not have a housekeeper named Alice (or any other name for that matter).

Tomorrow is cleaning day at our house.   The monkeys, Music Man and I (sans Alice) will be sweeping, scrubbing, and sweating until this place is squeaky clean.  Oh yes!

Even the littlest people in our family will be contributing to the clean-o-rama.

This kid loves the duster.  No one else is allowed to touch it on cleaning day. No one.

Cleaning days are happy days. Can you see the joy on this monkey's face. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Music Man and I have always involved our kids in the process of cleaning our home.  When we all work together, the work usually goes faster.  Our monkeys get a sense of serving together as a team, instead of being served on the sidelines.

And though they might not always clean that toilet bowl quite as thoroughly as I would, it is okay because they are learning something far more important than potty purification.  They are learning responsibility.  They are practicing how to be good stewards, team players, contributing members of society.  It's all good!

And this...

This is very good.  I love seeing these two monkeys playing "train" together with the kitchen chairs all lined up.  It just warms my heart as I mop the floor.  Cinderella never had it so good.

Who needs Alice?



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