Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laundry Fetish

My littlest monkey has a laundry fetish.

Come laundry day, this boy is "Johnny on the Spot", up front and center, ready for action.

First, he loads the dirty laundry in the washer.  Do not get in his way, because he will yell toddler obscenities at you.  He is on a mission. And you will either move or be moved.

I love the plumber's butt action in this shot.  It cracks me up.

After the laundry is loaded to his liking (which could include just one item of clothing or more and colors definitely go with whites), monkey boy asks me to pour in the soap.  Then he wants to, "Push the buttons, its goes beeps."

Well now, I would say that's a job well done for someone who is two. Wouldn't you?

My future daughter-in-law will thank me one day when she finds out just what a laundry stud this guy is.  First, I need to teach him how to sort the clothes though.  No one likes it when their skivvies turn pink in the wash.

Lovin' my little laundry boy,


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