Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miniature Garden!

On my quest to produce some fun and thoughtful gifts for Christmas this year, I came up with these little beauties:

And since I made quite a few of them, I have been experimenting with how to present them as gifts.  I liked the idea of arranging the candles on a modest glass tray with a little beach sand.  Then, to make it really special, I added a small conch shell and an air plant.  Ta da!!! It's a mini-garden!

Air plants are very interesting and make really great gifts.  Especially for someone like me who kills every plant I touch.  Black thumb!  I will be posting more about air plants this week. Stay tuned.

I think that this little garden would look darling on a patio, beside a big bathtub, or even as a stunning centerpiece on a dining room table.

And once the candles are used up, you could place tea lights in the shells or turn them over and enjoy their beauty.

Wouldn't this make a really fun gift?  Speaking of gifts, don't forget the awesome giveaway going on right now!  Yankee Candles anyone?



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