Monday, December 12, 2011

Share and Share Alike - A Christmas Giveaway!- CLOSED


So, I have never done a giveaway on this here little ol' blog, but today I am just feeling all Christmasy and I want to spread the joy!  I promise it is not the pain killers speaking :-).

Here's the deal-e-o.  We have a super festive, really cute gift basket full of yummy smelling candles from Yankee Candle to gift to someone.

Isn't it sweet?  The candles smell just like sugar cookies.  Mmmmm!

What I would love for you to do is to leave a comment in the comment section of this post.  Tell me what your favorite Christmas memory is.  It is that simple.

Please submit your comment by 9 AM EST Thursday, December 15.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced on the blog by Friday, December 16.  Please remember to include your email address so that I can contact you and send out your gift (hopefully to arrive by Christmas).

***Winners from outside of the U.S. may not receive this gift by Christmas. ***

This is not a paid advertisement or sponsored in any way by Yankee Candle.  It's just that I really like you and want your house to smell like sugar cookies :-)




  1. I LOVE YANKEE CANDLES, it's 9:14am and here is my special memory....Getting all dressed up and taking the girls to see Anna's Nutcracker! Do I get extra points???????

    From Wendy M.

  2. My Christmas memory is a tradition from childhood. Every Christmas Eve, we'd call my grandfather and ask him if Santa had stopped by his farm to feed his reindeer some of my Granddaddy's hay. Amazing that Santa would swing south into Louisiana before coming to my house in Arkansas!

  3. One of my fondest Christmas memories, comes from when I was a child and on the cusp of letting go of my belief in "Santa". Every Christmas Eve, we would drive to Grandma and Grandpa Kelly's house in the country and celebrate with my Dad's people. After dinner, we would relax by the Christmas tree and Grandpa would begin passing out gifts. This year was no different, except, there was a loud racket outside in the dark. One of my cousin's screamed, "It's Santa!", and we all ran out the front door, franticly looking for evidence that Santa had paid us a visit. We were so certain, that we heard the bells on his sleigh and that one of the bright stars above our heads was indeed Rudolf's nose in the inky darkness. Still, desperate to make out Santa's sleigh in the dark, I was one of the last kids to slowly make their way inside the house-- Back inside, at the Christmas tree, I could hardly wrap my mind around what I seeing,-- HORSES-- there were two horses INSIDE Grandma's house -- standing pretty as you please by the tree, while my cousins and I were hootin' and hollerin' and utterly freakin' out. Undoubtedly, one of my coolest Christmas memories, ever :)

  4. We had tracked our ceramic Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem since Thanksgiving. Moving to a new location throughout the house each night, they kept the girls searching to see which creative location they would show up each morning. Now it was Christmas morning and they had arrived at the waiting nativity scene. After reading the Christmas story, Miss A was soooooo tickled to be old enough to place Baby Jesus in the manger so we could sing Happy Birthday. She very gently and very carefully placed him inside, then turned BEAMING as I photographed her with the UPSIDEDOWN baby...... <3

  5. It was Christmas eve and we had opened all the presents from family. My mom had just returned from her bedroom and said, "Hurry, off to bed. Santa's on his way!". We were a little slow to leave our new presents behind for bedtime, so she said, "Come & look! I can see Santa on his way!". She took us to the window in her bedroom & pointed out Rudolph's red blinking nose. Wow! We were off to bed lickety-split because you know that Santa doesn't stop at anyone's house if the kids are still up. Years later I was in my parents bedroom & happened to glance out the window (not on Christmas Eve) and saw "Rudolph" again. Only skepticism and a little more knowledge led me to figure out it must be the airport light from 6 miles away. When I'm in Minnesota for Christmas, I still go look out the window for "Rudolph".

    Melissa, this is a great idea! Fun reading everyone's post! Merry Christmas to you all!

    My signature will say this is from Bob, but it's really Kathy Mac...