Thursday, December 8, 2011

You're Not Santa!

I love the movie Elf with Will Ferrell. One of the funniest scenes in any Christmas movie ever happens in Elf.  Buddy the Elf gets attacked by the mall "Santa" after Buddy accuses him of being a fake.

"You're not Santa!  You smell like beef and cheese!  You sit on a throne of lies!", Buddy exclaims.

Every time I see this scene it cracks me up.  It reminds me of my kids and their skepticism each time we pay a visit to Santa around this time of year.  They are always asking questions.

Questions like:

How is Santa here at the mall when we just saw him at Target a few minutes ago?

Did Santa lose weight since we saw him yesterday, because he looks skinnier?

Why does Santa have on Uncle Al's tennis shoes and glasses?

How does Santa get into our house if we do not have a chimney?

And the list goes on...

But I have to wonder, does Santa have questions too?

These are some pictures from last year's visit to Santa:

As I look at this picture, I like to imagine that Santa is asking himself, "How many more hours of this insanity do I have to take?"

And in this picture, it is quite possible that Santa might be pondering where the nearest tavern is and what time Happy Hour starts. 

While our middle monkey boy is clearly wondering, "Why? Just why?" "I am a teenager for goodness sakes!"

As for me? Well, I was just thankful that my children had a Santa who actually looked like Santa and not like an escaped convict that smelled like beef and cheese. 

Me with "Santa"



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  1. Awww - love all the pictures...but the one of you is "priceless." Remember Kamaya's comment when Santa came to our house last year? "That's not Santa - he's got Uncle Al's shoes on...children are very wise ;-)

    Do you know when you'll arrive at our house, yet? Have to start our planning. Can't wait!!