Monday, November 18, 2013

Be. Still. My. Heart!

Seriously, seriously I am one proud Momma Monkey over here!  Our oldest son has just released his first music video of his first song!  We are so, so proud!  My heart just pounds in my chest every time I watch this and hear his sweet voice.  I know that he is a grown man, but I can still call his voice sweet, because I am his momma!

Gosh, I remember how shy he was when he was a little monkey.  Then as he grew older, he was less shy, but very humble.  In fact, we did not even realize he could sing until he was in high school.  We knew that he was a wonderful pianist, thanks to genetics and an awesome piano teacher (That's you, Joanna!).  We were really jazzed up that he taught himself to play the guitar while in high school.  But, what totally floored us was that he could sing, really well.  Our worship leader, Carol, auditioned him and gave him a position on the worship team.  She really encouraged him and believed in him and he gained more and more confidence.  Today, he is the worship leader at our church.  God has really gifted our guy and he is so faithful to use the gift of music to encourage others.  We love his heart for worship!  We love his music! We are so, so, so proud of you, Alex!

And to put the icing on the cake, Alex asked our middle monkey boy to film, direct, and produce his music video.  It turned out so FANTASTIC!!! Hey, Middle Monkey! Have we told you lately that you rock? Because you do!  Thank you for teaming up with your big bro!  What a dream team you two are!

But wait!  There's more!  Our super talented nephew, Corey (Alkamist) produced the song!  Could it possibly get any better than that? Corey, you also rock the house!

So without further adieu, please enjoy "Carry You Home"  by Alex Lehman.:

Carry You Home "Single" - Alex Lehman video for Alex Lehman's single, "Carry You Home." Video production: Aaron Lehman Song production: Corey Lehman (Alkamist)

Be sure to click on the link above to view the video.

Be. Still. My. Heart!



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